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Back to June and NY Trip

In June my daughter and I flew to New York my dad Anthony Barboza had an art exhibit in NY that also had pieces from two of my sisters in them.  We headed out on the first flight in the morning to DC.  Now typically I will not check my bag but the gate agent suggested it because the overhead bins were full.  All the flights to NY looked good when we left home.  After landing in DC we found out that the flight before ours had been cancelled.  Then within minutes our flight cancelled and the one after it.  At that point I realized there was no way we were getting to New York by plane.  We then decided to take a bus to New York it’s about a 5 hour bus ride.  We then turned to leave the airport when  my daughter reminded me that my luggage was in the plane.  I spoke to the gate agent and she suggested I go downstairs to baggage claim and ask them if they can get my bag off the plane.  We headed downstairs and I spoke to someone there.  They were able to get my luggage off the plane to me.  This was great news.  We then headed to the bus stop in DC where we caught a Mega Bus for about $30 each.  The show started at 6 pm and we would get there around 5ish.  Now I can spend 8 hours on a plane flying to Europe but a 5 hour bus ride to New York seemed a whole lot longer.  My daughter was sleeping on me and the bus was slow moving.  The Mega bus does have a bathroom so it wasn’t that bad.  When we got to NYC, which was later than we wanted because we got stuck in traffic crossing the bridge, we hopped on the subway and headed to my mom’s house.  We got changed quickly and headed downtown again.  We arrived at the art exhibit a little late (about an hour) and walked around.  There were many people there, here are a few pictures of my dad’s paintings.



If you would like to look at any of his other work or purchase something his website is He is a well known photographer.   Two of my sisters had pieces in the show also, my sister Leticia had this piece.


If you would like to purchase her piece just drop me a line and I will put you in touch with her.  We took a few family photos here is my dad with all his kids and my daughter.


It was a great art show but by the time we left it was pouring rain and we got soak and wet the rain jacket I had purchased from Target was quite stylish but did not repel water at all.  Guess I have to remember that for the next time I wear it.  The next day we went downtown to the 14th Street MarkeT.  I took this picture at one of the subway stations.


Yes we are there.  I love the 14th Street Market if I lived in New York I would come down here weekly for my fruits and vegetables, the market has a huge variety and you can find almost anything here.  Here are a few pictures of things we saw there.  These carrots and radishes caught my attention.  The colors were amazing.


The flowers were beautiful and the strawberries below were yummy looking.  We did buy some of the strawberries and they tasted great.



I wanted to knit or crochet a sweater or something when I saw this yarn but don’t have the time.  Below is the tag the yarn colors were so bright. wpid-New-York-June-2013-17.jpg


I haven’t looked or priced out the yarn because I don’t have time in my schedule to use it for anything.  Next we saw a big pile of mushrooms.  These look way better than what they sell at the store.


And here are some more flowers



We then headed back to my mom’s house.  They had been redoing the subway station where she lives and put in this stained glass window.  They did a really nice job refurbishing the station.


The next day my daughter and I headed back home without any airline problems which is good because I didn’t want to take the bus again.  Like I said I would much rather be on an 8 hour flight than a 5 hour bus ride.

Next up is  my trip up to Philly for the day for my Global Entry

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The Journey or Rather Adventure Home From Denver Part 2

So upon landing in Charlotte I had about an hour to get over to Terminal F.  If you have ever been in the Charlotte Airport, Terminal F is like the gates of hell.  I started out in Terminal B and had to go all the way over to the other side of the airport, down an escalator and then way, way, way to the other end of the terminal.  When I arrived there I checked the system and I was the only non-rev on the flight.  But that was subject to change because if non revs don’t get on the previous flight they will get pushed to the next flight and rearranged in seniority order.  Well I noticed a few non revs coming over and looked on the list and sure enough I’m being pushed down to the bottom.  I also noticed a flight attendant sitting there waiting.  Now let me explain the order to you.   Employee’s go first on the plane, then spouses and children then employees from other airlines and guest pass holders.  Employees in uniform can ride in the jump seat which is why most of them fly in uniform.  If the plane is big enough they can sit in the jump seat not all planes have jump seats.  Now the only thing is only flight attendants can fly in a flight attendant jump seat and only a pilot can fly in a pilot jump seat.  You have to be able to perform the job to of that seat to ride in that seat.  So this flight attendant is in uniform but not on the list as an employee.  All SA3’s are employees.  There weren’t any SA3’s listed on the flight.  There was also a pilot with his wife and 3 children there.  He was in uniform but again not listed as an employee.  If you are flying with the employee you get their SA number.  So when I fly with my husband I become and SA3 instead of an SA4.  Are you with me so far.  OK so they board the flight and there is only one seat on the plane.  According to the gate agent the plane was operated by Mesa Airline (a regional airline)  so the pilot got first dibs on the seat.  But there was only one seat and he gave it to his son who was 15.  Well if you don’t fly with the employee you lose the employee’s SA which means the flight attendant should have gone first, had she been listed as an SA3 but she was not.  So by this time I knew I was not getting on the plane.  I was frustrated and tired as I had been up for 31 hours with only having slept and hour on the other plane.  So all I wanted to do was get home.  I was looking at all the flights and they were all closed out no empty seats.  I went to the Special Services desk and tried and find a way home.  I was thinking I could go through DC and then get home from there.  So I was frustrated and crying by this point.  Yes crying, I blame it on the fatigue.  On my way to special services I saw two SA’s from the Denver flight that got bumped initially still trying to find their way to their destinations also.  So at special services the woman behind the counter said it was probably not a good idea to go through DC as they have fewer flights to my destination than Charlotte.  She suggested I try the 2:55 flight and if not there is a flight to Daytona Beach that had 20 open seats and if I could get a ride home from there that may be my best bet.  Well, I reluctantly agreed to try the 2:55 flight  and made my way back to Terminal B.  Out of the gates of hell.  On my way back to Terminal B I called my husband in Germany in tears asking if his mom would pick me up from the airport and he said of course she will.   I needed this because my car was of course at my airport.

I got to the gate for the 2:55 flight and I saw the flight attendant sitting there.  Well we started talking and she told me she was given the wrong SA and should have been an SA3 but the gate agent down in F didn’t do anything about it.  Well when she got to the gate in Terminal B the gate agent there saw her in uniform and asked why she was an SA4 when she should have been an SA3 and then proceeded to change her to the proper ranking.  Well, we started talking and you know complaining because she should have been on that other flight.  Then we are joined by a Pilot from another airline and he was trying to get on this flight.  He was trying to take the jumpseat but there are only 2 pilot jumpseats and there are  already 2 pilots listed before him.  Then the pilot and his wife from the other flight showed up with their 2 infants and they were trying to get on this flight.  The problem is this airline is operated by the mainline airline my husband works for so they were down near the bottom of the list.  Well they start boarding the flight and of course we had to wait to till the end because the flight was full.  The flight attendant takes the jump seat (basically she was making room for the rest of us because she didn’t have to take the jumpseat but she was being nice).  Then they start calling the pilots who were also being nice and took the jump seats, then they called a guy in front of me and he got his seat and then they called two other people but they didn’t respond.  They were not there.  Then low and behold they called me and I jumped up out of my seat and got my ticket.  I was shocked, stunned and happy and felt like I had just won the lottery because I could finally go home.  I was the last person on the plane, I quickly sent a text my husband and Natalia and let them know I was getting on the plane.   The pilot from the other airline and the one with his wife and kids did not get on the plane.  They had to wait for the next flight.  I had told the other pilot about the Daytona flight and hopefully he made it on that one.  My adventure was almost over except I have to check my bag which meant I had to wait for it when I got home.  I gave the baggage guy my bag and when I got on the plane I saw that there was room overhead for my bag (which was pretty small) but oh well.  I sat down and ended up talking to the guy next to me again for the entire flight.  I’m normally not a talker but I guess with lack of sleep I turned in one.

Natalia wanted to be sure that I was not discouraged in flying to Denver and that I would come an see her again.  I told her I had fun and yes I would come back again.  So I guess I must be a glutton for punishment and would do it all over again in the future.

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Headed to Munich next week

My husband picked up a trip headed to Munich next week and I have taken the time off of work to go with him. We have been wanting to go to Munich all summer long and I’m super excited to be headed there. I will be bringing my DSLR and I’m happy because I will have my 18-200 mm lens with me. I had to have it repaired last month and have been without it since November 2011. No it has not been in the repair shop that long, but it took me that long to get it to the repair shop. It actually came back the Tuesday after we left for Venice. The people at Southern Photo tried to get it rushed in but Nikon was unable to ship it on time. I was grateful for their attempt though.

I also purchased new luggage (not for this trip but just because). It is Sandra Brown luggage I will let you know how it goes. Here is a picture of it.


I was flipping through the channels and saw it on HSN and had to have it. I haven’t shopped on HSN in probably 7 or 8 years but my account was still active. It delivered as promised and though the reviews have mixed on HSN’s website I took the chance anyway. I have 30 days to return it so I will find on this trip if I want to or not. I’m not the type of person that pays a lot of money for luggage and the set was just at $100. I have never paid that much for luggage before. Normally I buy my luggage at Ross, Marshalls, or Walmart.

For the trip out to Munich the flight is pretty empty but coming back there are only about 12 seats on it right now and there is still a week to go before we leave. I’ve seen flights sell out 11 seats in a day so I will let you know when I make it back. If I make it back on the right flight. There is only one flight out each day so if I don’t get on then I will have to stay the night in the airport and try again the next day. Wish me luck.

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The Journey Home (February 11, 2012)

Yes I know I’m a few days late on the journey  home.  When we headed to Paris there were 51 seats available on the plane back home.  By the time we left there were 32 seats available.  It’s amazing to me that 19 people booked a trip to Paris a week before they were scheduled to go.  We woke up early in the morning around 7am and left the apartment at 9am.  We took the Metro back to the airport.  After walking the 10 minutes to the Metro station we tried to purchase tickets via their little machine.  Well my card wasn’t accepted but my mom’s was but the machine would not give her any tickets.  Thankfully, there was an actual teller there and I was able to purchase my tickets through him with my card.  The teller told us though the machine said it accepted Visa or MasterCard it did not, so my mom had to purchase the tickets from them also.  I was the first one through the turnstile then my daughter tried next and expected the gate to open but it did not (she didn’t realize that you just go through the turnstile).  Since she didn’t go through but put her ticket in it wouldn’t let her through when she put it in again.  By the way in Paris you need to keep your ticket to exit at the station you get out on.  We managed to get her through the side entrance with the help of those nice tellers.  We started to head toward the actual train and again you have to put your ticket in.  Well this time my daughter got through okay but my mother had issues.  She made it through (the gates opened on this one) but her luggage got stuck half way through and she could not pull it out.  Finally after struggling some stranger put in their ticket and she pulled her bag and then he walked through quickly afterwards.  We went down to the train and waited.  Here is a picture I took of a woman waiting for the train.  The train in the background is a double-decker train.

Somehow we got lucky and we got on the express Metro to the airport.  It only made one stop in between our’s and the airport.  We waited on line to get our boarding passes and I actually had to check one of my bags.  The bag I purchased in Paris was to big and I could not take them both on because the new bag was not considered a personal item.  We then went up to the boarding area that is closed off from the rest of the airport.  We went through security up there and my mom had too many electronic devices in her bag and had to take them all out.  Now my mom and I are both gadget freaks so upon seeing her go through the hassle I pulled all of my stuff out of my bag and put it in one of the bins.   Here is a shot of our luggage.

My new bag is the one in the middle my mom’s is the blue one and my daughters is the giraffe bag (she loves giraffes).  After this point there were no issues.  It is amazing that regular people want to board with first class.  There is a separate area for first class boarding and I saw a woman walk up and try to get on that way.  She didn’t even have her boarding pass out or anything she was just going to walk on the plane.  Once on the plane we had seats in the back but the flight attendants cleared the back rows and moved everyone closer to the front.  (This meant we had to wait for everyone to get off the plane when we landed to get our luggage).  We had a turbulent but uneventful flight and when we reached the states we cleared customs pretty quickly.  Now my husband holds a green card and every time he enters the country they fingerprint him and takes his picture.  The customs person asked my husband how many times he left the country in October.  My husband has a horrible memory and flies so much that he was asking me how many times he left the country in October.  Despite that they let him back into the good old USA.

My mom left us and went to catch her bus back to NY and my daughter and I waited for our flight back home.  This flight had a lot of seats available and they had to re-seat people to rebalance the plane for take off.   Once we took off the flight attendant said we could switch seats if we wanted.  Of course there was on person in coach who asked her seat mate if maybe she could change her seat to first class just by going up there.  (I thought to myself really are you that dumb).   Well that was our journey home.  Not eventful.  This weekend I am planning on going to my cousins reception in New Jersey so we will see how that travel goes.  I typically have issues getting out of LaGuardia Airport.

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