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Day 2 in Barcelona, Spain

We woke up in the morning and went down for breakfast in the hotel.  The food was amazing.  I love a breakfast buffet in Europe.  Here is my breakfast it was very good and very filling.  While having breakfast I spoke to 4 couples that were headed out on a 10 day cruise.  I was so excited for them they seemed like they were going to have a great vacation.


We then headed out for our day.  Our location was to take the vernacular up to Montjuic Fort.  We had to go down and take the subway station which was also the vernacular station.  Here is a picture inside the station.


We then walked over to where you catch the vernacular.  You can see the lights as it comes down.


We were at the back end.  This actually works on a pulley system there are two separate trains and as one goes up the one goes down.


This is the station at Montjuic.


I took a picture of the city from here.  You can see La Sagrada Familia stands so tall.


We then made our way up to the fort.  You could take the tram up to the fort but we decided to walk.  On the way up there we found two slides side by side and decided to have fun on one of them.  It was a pretty big slide.  If I were a kid I might have been a little afraid to go down it.   Here is my husband on the slide.


Here is my husband on a big gun at the fort.  There were a lot of people up here.  We were able to see the port below and also off in the distance you could see the airport.


As you can see this is a pretty big fort.


This is my favorite picture.  If you notice someone added a comment “Shit My Camera”  I laughed when I saw this.


We then made our way back to the subway (which was very clean) and on the way up to Parc Güell.  On our way there we found the largest vending machine we have ever seen.


Parc Güell reminded me of a Dr. Seuss book. This park was designed by Gaudi (the same guy who designed all the sites we saw on day one).  He actually moved into a house built up here.  He did not design the house.  He lived there from 1906 to 1926.  Here are several pictures of the park

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-73.jpg                               wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-70.jpg

This is the entrance and the top of one of the houses below.  Neither of these is a house Gaudi lived in.



There is a Lizard in the front of the park and seating above that.  It was a beautifully sunny day and the people were all out and about.

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-95.jpg                       wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-74.jpg

We then found an arched walkways.  They are considered viaducts.  It was amazing that these were stones put in place.  I’m not sure how they were built but they were pretty great.  There was seating throughout them.

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-83.jpg    wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-84.jpg

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-81.jpg    wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-87.jpg


In the picture below you can see the communications tower that was built in 1992 to transmit television coverage of the 1992 Olympics that were held in Barcelona.


After all of this walking we were hungry and went to get Tapas on La Rambla. Now mind you we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I do not recommend doing tapas this way but we were starving and just had the tapas as dinner.  I do believe the wait staff was laughing at us because we spend over $70 Euro on Tapas (what can I say we like to eat).  We did have two drinks each though.  Besides the tapas were really good and a work of art.  Here are some picture of the tapas.  Mind you this is not everything we ate.

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-111.jpg           wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-107.jpg

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-108.jpg            wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-113.jpg

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-112.jpg             wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-106.jpg

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-110.jpg             wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-109.jpg

I had one final place I wanted to go and my husband was kind enough to go with me.  We went back to La Sagrada Familia so I could take a picture of it at night with the reflection in the pool across the street.  I really wish the cranes were gone.  I guess I only have to wait 13 years to get a picture without the cranes.

wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-118.jpg      wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-117.jpg     wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-116.jpg

We left the next day without any issues with the flight.  It was a great trip and we are already planning on going back.  I definitely want to go into La Sagrada Familia and also want to spend some time at the beach.

Until next time…..

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