The Netherlands

Amsterdam in September

My husband had a 3 day trip to Amsterdam and I decided to go with him.  He’s from The Netherlands and enjoys visiting.  I love the country also and would love to live there.  Unfortunately, when we arrived it was overcast and it remained that way and rained all day long.  We did not let this deter us though.  We hit the ground walking as soon as we got to the Hotel.  This is a new hotel for the airline.  The last time I went to Amsterdam they were in a different hotel.

Our first stop was to the supermarket.  It is called Albert Heijn.  This is how tomatoes are packaged there.  We had to pick up a few groceries for my husband’s family.


Our second stop was lunch we were starving so we stopped by this store that had vending machines.


This is what I ate.  It was pretty good considering it came from a vending machine.



We started walking around.  I love Amsterdam and all the canals and bridges.


This is a bicycle that was outside of one of the houses and the door in front of this place was pretty small also.  Here is my husband also standing in the doorway.



One of the things I love about this place is that since the houses are so narrow they still bring the furniture into the houses via a pulley system that is outside of each house.  Look at the top of the houses you can see something sticking out this is where they attach the rope to bring furniture into the houses .



This section reminds me of Venice.


Except Venice doesn’t have houseboats.  These are here all year round and permanent.


We then went to eat again.  This is a pancake house that is near the hotel.


My husband had Poffertjes, which are like mini puffed pancakes and I had a pancake with bacon and cheese.

wpid-Amsterdam-sept-21-of-36.jpg wpid-Amsterdam-sept-22-of-36.jpg

We then went to Vondel Park.  It’s like Central Park in Amsterdam.  It had been raining on and off all day by the way.


This is the lost and found people clip things on here that were lost.  Yes that is a bandage and there were keys, business cards and shoe attached here.


wpid-Amsterdam-sept-26-of-36.jpg wpid-Amsterdam-sept-29-of-36.jpg


These dogs kept playing in the water their owner kept throwing up the stick in the water and they kept jumping in after it.


We then went to a Diamond House where they cut and trade diamonds.  Here are some pictures from there.  I was in love with all of the diamonds.


This skull is made entirely of diamonds. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t buy me anything.


These were near the Van Gogh Museum there were a bunch of them.


We then went back to the hotel to get a few hours rest.  The do not disturb sign and the mirror made me smile.  Read the wording around the mirror.



We then went out to eat at a place called Wok-to-Wok where you can build your own meal.  Not to toot my own horn but my meal was much better than my husbands.  I think he wanted mine instead of his.  He actually had them make him one like mine the next time he went to Amsterdam.


Next trip is the Scott Kelby Photowalk in Princeton New Jersey.

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Happy Birthday To My Husband A Trip to Amsterdam

So the day before my husbands birthday he was in Philadelphia working.  That day he received a call for the flight to Amsterdam for that evening.  Thankfully I was thinking he would get a trip somewhere and decided to pack my bag.  I ended up catching the 3:30 flight from Jax headed to Philly.  Unfortunately the weather was pretty nasty in Jax and we were delayed for about and hour on the tarmac.  Well fortunately the plane took off and I landed in Philly just as the flight was boarding.  I walked up to the gate agent and said I was flying non rev to Amsterdam.  She said they had no non revs signed up.  I showed them my boarding pass and they told me that the system said the flight from Jax was cancelled.  I said well I’m here so it wasn’t.  They were able to rebook me on the flight.  I was quite grateful.  My husband was glad I made the flight because I had been texting him before I left Jax about the delays.  The flight itself was uneventful.  Now we were just in Amsterdam late last year but I do love the city and enjoy going.

When we got to the hotel we did our usual and headed out.  Needless to say it was pretty chilly there and thankfully we each had our jackets and I had gloves and a scarf.  This picture is near a canal near the hotel.


There are many houseboats on the canals of Amsterdam.  Most European houses that

I’ve seen are pretty compact.


Some are a little larger.  This one looks like it may have window on the bottom half.


Sometimes they park their bicycles out side of their house boats.  Do you see the small bike on the left hand side of the photo.


Sometimes the boats don’t look very good.  This one needed someone with a bucket to help it out.


We walked over to the where the I Amsterdam sign is and I thought this was pretty cool.  They give you blankets so when you sit outside you can be under a blanket.


They were out ice skating.  One of the way kids learn to drive in Amsterdam while sitting in a chair being pushed by someone.  Do you see the dad man pushing the child on a chair.


Of course I could not get a clear shot of the I Amsterdam sign.  So I settled for one with all the people on it. That man on the left hand side was in the way but since it was his birthday I let him stay in the picture.

We then sat down outside in the cold and had waffles.  This one is mine.  Yum.


Here I am taking a picture of my waffle


And then eating it.


It was good.  While we were eating out waffles it began to snow.



I liked this shot because it looks like the car is on top of the boat.  (By the way it just kept snowing)


The cow decided to come out of the window and enjoy the snow.


This is one of my favorite houses.  It’s so slim and crooked.


Here are some flower bulbs.   Holland is famous for their flowers especially Tulips.  We were strolling through the flower market in Amsterdam and I took many pictures of bulbs and flowers.

I don’t know what this is but it was pretty weird.


Of course Amsterdam being what it is I could not resist taking this picture.  We did walk by come coffee houses but did not go in.  You could actually smell the marijuana as you walked by.


Amsterdam is also famous for the Red Light District.  We did walk by but it was day time.  There were several women in the windows and many of the girls were either talking on their cell phones or what looked like playing games on them.  The Klop is what my husband calls the Dutch shoes of course they sell them everywhere.


Here is my husband eating fried mussels.  He really enjoyed them.  We also had some french fries with mayonnaise.


We were walking around more and then it started to snow again.  I mean really now.  We walked into a store to get out of the snow and this is what we walked back outside to.


We then walked over to a restaurant and had some coffee.



We then decided we were going to take the train over to my husband Aunt and Uncle’s house in Leiden to get out of the snow.  We got our train tickets and hopped on.  It was very easy to figure out where we were going.  The trains were extremely clean and they also had wi-fi.


This was taken outside the window of the train.  I couldn’t catch the windmill because I was facing the wrong way and wan’t prepared and then we never did pass one.


We had dinner at his Aunt and Uncle’s house and then went to his cousins house for coffee.  Afterwards we made our way back to the hotel and had quite a walk from the train to the hotel but we got to see the neighborhoods in snow.  In the morning we were ready for our flight back home.  Here is what we saw outside of our hotel room window.


It was going to be a beautiful day in Amsterdam and we were leaving.


We got to the plane and had uneventful boarding.  About halfway through the flight one of the flights came to me and said we were flying over Greenland.  This is what it looked like outside of the airplane window.




It was an amazing view I probably took about 100 pictures of this alone.  All in all it was a great birthday for my husband.  (At least that’s what he told me).

Our next trip was to Barcelona.  We spent two days there.  I will post these soon.

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A Quick Recap of 2012

I figured I would give a quick recap of the places we went to in 2012 and then give a list of the places we hope to get to in 2013.

We started the year on a family vacation in February with my mom, husband, daughter and I going to Paris, France we were there for about 5 days or so and though it was very cold and we froze our butts we still had a blast.


In February I also went to my cousin’s reception in NY (technically New Jersey)


Then in April my husband and I went to Rome for a quick trip.


On the way back to Rome the plane landed in London for them to take a bag off.  My husband says that counts as me being in London but we never got off of the plane so I don’ t count it.

Our next trip was then to Madrid.  It was completely unplanned as I had no luggage with me when he called and said he got a trip to Madrid.  Somehow I made it up to Philly and on the plane in time.


Our next trip was to Frankfurt in May, where we rented a car and drove to Stuttgart.  The trip was great the rental car was a disaster but all in all well worth the trip.


I then went to Washington DC and met my mom, sister and godmother there. wpid-washington-1.jpg

Then the 3 of us took the Megabus back to NY and we went to a street fair that Saturday.


We then went back to Frankfurt on our Anniversary.  This wasn’t exactly the way we wanted to spend our 1st anniversary but at least we were together.


Our next trip was the ideal anniversary trip, we went to Venice and had a romantic two days there.


Then my husband picked up a trip to Munich which we had been hoping to get to all season long.


I then flew to Denver Colorado to visit my friend Natalia


Then for my daughter’s birthday we went to NY.  She had a hard time getting out there but thanks to my great husband that waited for the kids and drove them to NY from Philadelphia she was able to be with us for her birthday.


As the year was winding down I was coming to my last 3 trips of the year each a week apart.  It was a lot of travel and almost too much for me.  We started in the Netherlands for 3 days the first weekend of October.


Then it was back to New York the next weekend for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk on Roosevelt Island with my mom and sister


Then the last trip of the year was to Zurich, Switzerland.


It was an exciting year and hopefully 2013 will be just as exciting.  Our first trip is to Puerto Rico for vacation with my mom, sister and husband next week.  The other places we are hoping to get to are as follows: Athens Greece, Aruba, St Maarten, Amsterdam, Belize or Costa Rica, Brussels, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Zurich and Munich again, Barcelona, London and San Francisco.

Hopefully we will be able to visit most of them.  Wish me luck and I hope to be posting a lot this year.

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The Netherlands – Scheveningen (Day 3)

So on our last day in The Netherlands we went to Scheveningen.  It was a gorgeous day in Holland.  The sun was out and the beach was crowded (though there wasn’t anyone in the water).  The ships were probably headed to the port of Rotterdam.


We walked around the boardwalk and were going to meet his cousin and her boyfriend for coffee.   This picture is a small restaurant at the end of the boardwalk.  The restaurant is at the bottom the top part is just a climb to a lookout.  They also had bungee jumping off of this thing.  Now I’m not afraid of heights or anything but I wasn’t going to bungee jump off of this.  Besides it was 60 euro for one jump.  Do you know what I could get for 60 euro. So we headed in the direction of the pier.

Here are some of the things we saw along the way.  This boat was a decoration on the boardwalk and the picture below it is near the restaurant.  It too used to be a restaurant but it was shut down.

wpid-untitled-DSC_0207-121007.jpg wpid-untitled-DSC_0208-121007.jpg


This is a picture of The Kurhaus Hotel it is right on the boardwalk.  There are lots of stores and restaurant on the boardwalk.  There are even restaurants on the beach.  This was actually the last day for the restaurants on the beach they tear them down for the winter and then build them back up for the summer.


This is the Pier (if you want to buy it I believe it is for sale)  At the end of the pier is the restaurant.


We walked all the way to the top (which was a pretty big deal for my husband because he is afraid of heights).  I was so proud of him.  We took pictures at the top and then headed down to have coffee with his cousin and her boyfriend.



Here are some more pictures of the water and the beach.



This is the port of Rotterdam in the distance.  

And a lighthouse


This is my husband’s cousin and her boyfriend.


These are pictures in the Kurhaus Hotel



We then drove back to his aunt and uncle’s house and while dinner was cooking we went to see his other cousin Justin and then after dinner we went to his other cousin’s house and her husband.  When we got back we went to bed because it was going to be an early flight back to the states.

The picture I missed posting was when we landed in The Netherlands this is what it looked like.  My husband says this is how he remembers Holland.  When they would vacation in Spain for the summer when they came back this is what it always looked like.


The flight back was uneventful but very crowded.  The planes they take out to Amsterdam are way small then the ones they take to Germany.

Ok that takes care of that three day trip to the Netherlands.  I do love this country (and not just because my husband grew up there).  It is a very charming country.  The next trip is a trip to New York for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk.  I did the walk with my mom and sister at Roosevelt Island.  After living in NY for 25 years and my mom for 60 some odd years.  Neither of us had ever been to Roosevelt Island.  My sister on the other hand had been there for work.  I will post that blog shortly.

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The Netherlands – Baarn and Hilversum (Mini Vacation) Day 2

Ok, so I know I’m behind but I also know I won’t be doing any travelling until after the beginning of the year.  My partner at work will be out the last two weeks of December and my boss is out the first week in December so no opportunities for me to go anywhere.  Also, I only have one vacation day left and I think I will roll that over to next year.  So I’m dragging out the last few trips to make them last the rest of the year.

On the second day in The Netherlands we woke up to a day was a little rainy.  The first thing I did was look out the window and took these two pictures outside of Judy’s window to the patio downstairs.

We then went downstairs to have breakfast and sit and talk with Judy and Hans.  As we were having breakfast at the table we heard a big bang on the window.  When we turned around there was a large bird imprint on the window and a bird was flying away and landed on the tree out front.  I told Judy her windows were too clean.  The bird did appear to be stunned but ok.  Here is a picture I took of the window.  Can you find the bird imprint on here.

If you look to the left o the light post behind the car and little above it you should be able to see the imprint.

After that excitement we decided to head out.  We were headed to Baarn which is a town my husband grew up in.  We were then headed to meet his friend Raymond and his wife Gwenda in Hilversum.   On the way to the Baarn we had to go by the airport.  There was a plane crossing the highway that had just landed.

Also, there is a spot over the highway where an aqueduct crosses the highway.  Here is a link to a picture that shows it from the air  Everytime we went buy it on the A4 there was never a boat there so there was no point in taking a picture.

We then got to Hilversum but we were not stopping there first.  We drove from Hilversum to Baarn.  My husband used to ride his bicycle everyday to school from Barrn to Hilversum.  I believe he said it was about a 7 mile ride each way.  Here is a picture of the road he used to ride his bike on.  The bike lanes are on the side of the car lanes completely separated by a small grass median.

Below is the main shopping street in Baarn.  We walked down from one of the houses he grew up in and walked the main shopping area.

We then walked over to the house his sister was born in.  He had not been in this house since he was a child.  It is currently a special needs house.  He wanted to go knock on the door but decided against it.  I said to him what is the worst that can happen.  All they can say is no.  So he knocked on the door and spoke to one of the women that worked there.  He explained that we were from the states and his parents used to have an old age home there and that his sister was born there.  They let us in and we were able to look around the main areas.  Obviously the bedrooms belonged to the people that lived there and we could not go in there but we were able to go into the office downstairs which was his parents bedroom and the room his sister was born in.  We were also able to see the hallway where he fell and hit his head when he was young.  We left and thanked them and I was happy to see the smile on my husbands face from having seen his childhood home.  wpid-untitled-DSC_0188-121006.jpg

We then made our way back to the car and headed over to Hilversum to see his High School friend Raymond.


We sat got to meet his youngest daughter and his girlfriend for the first time, my husband had met his oldest daughter before.  At first the conversation was pretty slow going but by the end of the night they were talking up a storm as if no time had past.

All in all it was a great day to see my husband so happy with many childhood memories and meetings with old friends.  We had a great day and invited Raymond and his family to come to Florida and stay with us if they wanted.  It would be great if they could visit us.

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Hurricane Sandy (A break from my Amsterdam pictures)

As many of you know I fly to New York a lot and most of my family is still up there.  I was actually in NY on the 13th of October and will have pictures from that trip shortly.  I wanted you to know that my family is fine.  My cousin Iris lost power for about 5 days and just got her power back on Saturday.  She lives in Jersey City NJ.  May dad is still without power as of this morning.  My mom and my sister both fared well and neither one of them lost power at all.  As you know my sister a photographer for the city and when she was able to get around she has been taking pictures throughout the city for them.  Visiting most of the housing projects.  She’ s been working hard, normally there are two of them (photographers that is) but the other photographer had water in his basement and had to take care of his house stuff.  Hopefully, the worst is behind them and things will get cleaned up pretty quickly.  I know seeing the pictures of the flooded subways and tunnels shocked me and pulled at my heart.  Though I no longer live in NY I still love to visit there and it will always have a place in my heart.

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The Netherlands – Amsterdam (Mini Vacation) Day 1

So I only have one unscheduled vacation day left.  I did have one and a half days left but we decided to leave earlier for Amsterdam.  I did work a half day so I was in at 6:30am and out at 10:30am to meet my husband for an 11am flight to Charlotte and then on to Philadelphia.  We arrived in Philly about 2 hours before the flight was scheduled to take off.  The plane was pretty full and we were seated in coach but at least we were able to sit together.  The flight was pretty much uneventful and I slept for about 2 hours.  As we were flying in the morning I took this picture from the Airplane

I’m not sure how familiar some of you are with Amsterdam but it can be pretty dreary looking.  Sometimes it can rain for days (at least that’s what my husband said).  Here is what it looked like when we landed.  Thankfully, we always have an umbrella with us.

We got off the plane and went through customs and passport control (I was able to get on the line with the European Union passport holders because my husband is not a U.S. Citizen and has an EU passport).  We then went to the car rental place and picked up our car.  A 2 cylinder turbo Fiat Panda.  It was a very cute car.  Wedrove to my husband’s aunt and uncles house in a town called Leiden.  Here is one of the many windmills we saw on the way to their house.

We got there and talked with them for a while and then got changed and headed out to Amsterdam.

First stop was the train station

The last time we were here we did a boat ride on the canals and when we went by I saw the most bikes I had ever seen.  This time we were at the train station and I saw them all up close.

We then started walking around.  I love Amsterdam this is the second time we’ve been there together and the buildings are just wonderful.  I love the difference in the architecture between our country and Europe.  Things there are just so much older.

This is the Palace

My husband was in heaven with the food there.  One of the things they serve is french fries on the street and they use mayonnaise on the fries. Here he is enjoying the fries

And here he is enjoying Herring a pure Dutch treat.  I did taste it but didn’t like it.

But I had to take a picture of it up close

We then made our way to the Red Light District where we walked around.  You are not allowed to take pictures of the women in the red light district so I did not.  Not sure if you are aware but the women are in a union and they are tested for diseases on a regular basis.  We were talking about how it seems as if most people are there to look and not buy as many of them were in the windows on their cell phones.  It was the middle of the day though and we didn’t hang around until evening to see if it got any busier but really they all seemed pretty bored to me.  They are doing a lot of renovating in the red light district.  This is one of canals in that area.

and another building

And a Museum but we didn’t go inside because we don’t really like museums.

We then made our way back to the car and I took another picture of the bicycles.  All three levels are full of parked bikes.

We then a made our way back to Leiden where we passed this apartment building which I loved because it was surrounded by water.

The next day we were heading out to the town where my husband grew up and we were also going to see a friend of his from high school that he has not seen in about 12 or 13 years.

I will post on day 2 shortly.

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I’m Back

Yes I know it’s been a while and I still have to gather my pictures but it has been a crazy month.  We were in Amsterdam for the first weekend in October and then I was home for 4 days and flew to NY for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk.  My mom and sister and I did Roosevelt Island this year.  Then I was home for 5 days and flew to Philadelphia on Saturday to then fly out to Zurich, Switzerland on Sunday.  We got back from Zurich on Tuesday and I was at work on Wednesday morning.  This weekend was the first weekend I’ve been home and I just relaxed and enjoyed it.  Of course I have pictures from each place and will be posting them shortly.  There really should be no major travel for the rest of the year since my co-workers will be taking off and I have to cover for them and also I only have one vacation day left.  But don’t fret because my husband has vacation in January and we will be planning a trip probably to Rome.  Hopefully my mom, sister and daughter will be able to go with us.  So looking forward to getting you my pictures.

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In The Netherlands

We are in The Netherlands, yay. We arrived on Friday morning and had no issues with our flight. I did work half a day so it was a really long day for me. I was up at 4am and at work at 6:30am,and left the office at 10:30am. We had to fly to Charlotte and then Philadelphia but it was smooth flying all the way.

We are staying at my husbands aunt and uncles house and have actually been here for three days. That is the longest we have been anywhere in a while together. It has been a great trip we went to the town my husband grew up in, it’s called Baarn. We then went to see his friend Raymond, he hasn’t seen Raymond at all in the past seven years and I know it had been longer than that. It was great to see him so happy and they fell back into place just like when they were boys.

I will post pictures early next week. We get in on Monday evening and then he leaves on Wednesday for Frankfurt and I head to New York on Friday.

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Almost Ready to Go

So the tickets are purchased, Apartment is rented and we are almost packed.  Vacation is underway and I am excited to see what my two novice travellers will think about Europe.  I remember my first time out of the country to Europe there were many things that I found that were different from the US.  My now husband and I went to The Netherlands and Spain.  The first thing that struck me as odd was how small everything is.  The cars are small the apartments are small it was like mini world.  The next thing I noticed me was the architecture.  I have always loved to look at buildings and it amazed me that some of the buildings there are so much older than the ones here.  I live in the oldest city in the country and Europe still had us beat by hundreds if not thousands of years.  Also, all the bicycles in Holland shocked me as well as the fact that the cashiers in the supermarket we able to sit down while they rang you up and here they have to stand.  I was also surprised by the fact that we went into a store and it was closing time and the employee came up to me and told me we are closing.  Now I worked at Dillards for a few months and we had to take care of the customer until they were done.  We were not allowed to count our registers until the last customer had left the store and here was this person basically telling me they were closed and I had to leave.

Then we went to Spain Fuengirola Spain not Madrid or someplace everyone has heard of.  My husband spent summers here as child.  The beaches were packed and the people were out walking the boardwalk at all hours of the night.  Young and old people were out until midnight just walking down the street basically.  Now on the service at the restaurants were good but the waitstaff was would just ignore us.  They would serve our meal and then after that it seemed as if we were on our own.  We had to wait 10 to 15 minutes for the bill as the waitress walked by us several times turning the other way.

I enjoyed that trip out of the country and had have enjoyed every single one after that.  As I know I will enjoy this one and hopefully my novice travallers will enjoy it also.  I’m pretty sure they will.

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