Amsterdam in September

My husband had a 3 day trip to Amsterdam and I decided to go with him.  He’s from The Netherlands and enjoys visiting.  I love the country also and would love to live there.  Unfortunately, when we arrived it was overcast and it remained that way and rained all day long.  We did not let this deter us though.  We hit the ground walking as soon as we got to the Hotel.  This is a new hotel for the airline.  The last time I went to Amsterdam they were in a different hotel.

Our first stop was to the supermarket.  It is called Albert Heijn.  This is how tomatoes are packaged there.  We had to pick up a few groceries for my husband’s family.


Our second stop was lunch we were starving so we stopped by this store that had vending machines.


This is what I ate.  It was pretty good considering it came from a vending machine.



We started walking around.  I love Amsterdam and all the canals and bridges.


This is a bicycle that was outside of one of the houses and the door in front of this place was pretty small also.  Here is my husband also standing in the doorway.



One of the things I love about this place is that since the houses are so narrow they still bring the furniture into the houses via a pulley system that is outside of each house.  Look at the top of the houses you can see something sticking out this is where they attach the rope to bring furniture into the houses .



This section reminds me of Venice.


Except Venice doesn’t have houseboats.  These are here all year round and permanent.


We then went to eat again.  This is a pancake house that is near the hotel.


My husband had Poffertjes, which are like mini puffed pancakes and I had a pancake with bacon and cheese.

wpid-Amsterdam-sept-21-of-36.jpg wpid-Amsterdam-sept-22-of-36.jpg

We then went to Vondel Park.  It’s like Central Park in Amsterdam.  It had been raining on and off all day by the way.


This is the lost and found people clip things on here that were lost.  Yes that is a bandage and there were keys, business cards and shoe attached here.


wpid-Amsterdam-sept-26-of-36.jpg wpid-Amsterdam-sept-29-of-36.jpg


These dogs kept playing in the water their owner kept throwing up the stick in the water and they kept jumping in after it.


We then went to a Diamond House where they cut and trade diamonds.  Here are some pictures from there.  I was in love with all of the diamonds.


This skull is made entirely of diamonds. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t buy me anything.


These were near the Van Gogh Museum there were a bunch of them.


We then went back to the hotel to get a few hours rest.  The do not disturb sign and the mirror made me smile.  Read the wording around the mirror.



We then went out to eat at a place called Wok-to-Wok where you can build your own meal.  Not to toot my own horn but my meal was much better than my husbands.  I think he wanted mine instead of his.  He actually had them make him one like mine the next time he went to Amsterdam.


Next trip is the Scott Kelby Photowalk in Princeton New Jersey.

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