It’s Been A While

Well I haven’t posted since September 9th.  I know it’s been a while.  I have traveled a few times since then but not much.  I’m back in school trying to get my BA in the next year so I in addition to working full time and travelling I decided to go back to school.  So I’m taking 2 classes every 8 weeks and should be done by December 2014.  In August I started an Accounting class and it took up a lot of my time.  I would come home from work and sit down and do Accounting Homework.  That was the hardest class I’ve taken and for those of you that are Accountants more power to you, there’s too much confusion there for me.  In addition to that I have started a Photography Business my work can be seen and purchased on  I’m trying to get into wedding photography so if you know anyone in the Northeast Florida area just let me know.  I can’t guarantee a blog a week like I did for a while there and I might move to a blog a month but I’m not done yet by any means.  We still have travel plans in the future (but none for the rest of the year).  I’m almost out of vacation days ugghh.  Thankfully they start again in January.  So stay with me and my next posting will be right after this one.

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