A Two Day Trip to Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a hard place for us to fly to since his airline only flies there seasonally.  We decided last year that this was one of the places we wanted to get to this years.  The season for Barcelona opens in April so we decided to head out there on April 14 when there were plenty of seats on the plane.  The flight out there was uneventful.  We got to Barcelona and took a cab from the airport to the hotel, we were unable to check into the hotel but thankfully they stored our luggage and we were off to walk around the city.


It was a gorgeous day in Barcelona.  It started out a little cold but warmed up throughout the day.


It is said that this statue of Columbus is pointing the wrong way not towards the New World but towards his home in Italy.


We walked across this bridge there is a mall on the other side and lots of boats in the port.  The bridge rotates to let boats come in and out of the Harbor.


Don’t know if this was a water fountain or for water for your dog.  This was on La Rambla.  La Rambla is a famous pedestrian street that has restaurants and shops all long the way.


We ventured in the La Boqueria.  It is a famous market in Barcelona they sell food, fresh meat, vegetables, drinks anything you can think of food wise they sell it here.  We had some sandwiches and then these babies.  They were bread with meat.  Yum.


They also had lots of candy


We also had this, it was chorizo and french fries.  I don’t know what the little egg is but I believe I am allergic to it.  It was the only weird thing I ate and I broke out in hives later that night.  I told my husband he was trying to kill me because he offered me the egg instead of eating it himself.  Now I know he was just being a gentleman but I couldn’t help telling people he tried to kill me.


This is the Casa de Punxes it was not designed by Gaudi but it was still a beautiful building.


This is Casa Batllo, translated to House of Bones.  The outside is supposed to look like a skeleton and the roof is supposed to look like a dragon.  We did not go inside of the building as it was over 20 euro per person to go in.



This is Casa Mila another one of Gaudi’s buildings. It has a big courtyard in the middle and has nine levels.


We then went to the most famous Gaudi Building La Sagrada Familia it is a very famous church and is now a minor Basilica.  They have been building this church designed by Gaudi since 1882 and it is not scheduled to be completed for another 13 years.  There are cranes all around the place and it is open to the public (again 20 euro to get in (we did not go in)).  The line was around the block and was barely moving.  I have seen pictures of the inside and it looks beautiful.  Next time we go there we will be going inside. When the church is completed it will be the tallest church in the world.


Here you can see the old construction and new construction side by side.


There are scenes in the church from the bible.  It is an amazing building to look at.  Every place you look is different and interesting.  wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-43.jpg



We then walked down to the Arc de Triomphe.  I didn’t know there was one in Barcelona also.


Afterwards we stopped by the harbor again and had something to drink.  I had water and we sat down this is when I started to get itchy.  We went back to the hotel room and I noticed my hives.  I took an antihistamine and slept for about two hours.  We then went back out to get some dinner.  wpid-Barcelona-2013-2-52.jpg

The sun started setting as we were walking.  We made our way to the beach.  As you may know people eat dinner late in Barcelona.  As we were walking to the beach we saw a lot of joggers at around 8 at night.  We had dinner on the beach and a nice restaurant.  Dinner was excellent and walking back the W Hotel was lit up so beautifully I had to take a picture.


We went back to the hotel and on the way back we still saw lots of joggers at 10pm.  We were quite surprised that people were still out and about.  It was great day in Barcelona and we fell in love with the city while we were there.

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