Puerto Rico – Luquillo Beach, La Cueva del Indio and Bioluminescent Bay Tour

Ok so I’m still on Puerto Rico and I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I would like to finish up Puerto Rico and I think I should be done in 3 posts.  In looking forward we were in Amsterdam back in February and we went to Barcelona in April.  I’m a little behind from last year’s travel as I didn’t go anywhere in March but I really can’t complain.  Ok so now to get two more days in Puerto Rico.  We went to the Beach on the first day and on the second day here we went to La Cueva del Indio and we also did the Bioluminescent Bay Tour in La Parguera.

We went to the Beach in Luquillo which was the town we were staying in.  We did have to drive to the beach but it was only about 8 minutes or so.  We could see the beach from our condo but we still had to drive there.  The beach itself was beautiful.  Here are my husband and sister in the water.


It was a beautiful day out.


The mountain in the photo is El Yunque.


My husband and I were trying to take a picture with the beach in the background and we got photo bombed by my sister. Man she has great timing


We did get one good shot in


Before she got us again.

Here I am with my mom and my sister


The next day we went to La Cueva del Indio.  This place was great.  First off it was free to go in and you only had to pay for parking. And guess what parking was only $2.  We did have to drive up and around the top of the island to get there and we drove passed it and then had to turn around.  Thankfully we didn’t go far.  Just as we past it I said there it is.  Needless to say the GPS was not that good in this part of the island.  Also there was big bicycle ride going on in a small town so we had to be careful of the bicyclists.

The people who run this place say they have filmed Pirates of the Caribbean here.  I haven’t checked the credits but if you come to Puerto Rico I highly recommend this place.  You can find it on trip advisor if you read the comments from the people who have been there the directions are in the comments.



You can climb down here there is a very rickety looking ladder but we did see some people go down it.  We didn’t go down it though.  Maybe if we get back there I will.  I feel as if I missed something and should have been more adventurous and gone down.






My husband holding on to my sister while she was taking pictures over the edge.







I’m not sure what the alien face is in the picture below but I saw a smaller one in the rocks also.




wpid-puerto-rico-indio-16.jpg wpid-puerto-rico-indio-15.jpg







I took a lot more pictures if you want to see them let me know and I will post them on flickr or smug mug.  We then headed over to Cueva Ventana which is a cave that overlooks a valley but it was closed as they were replacing the steps in there I guess to many people were slipping and falling.  So then as a last minute thing we call the Bioluminescent Bay Tour and made reservations.  We had to be there by 6 and we had to drive half way around the island.  So we rushed and just barely made it in time before they were supposed to start.  But of course you know how it is you get there and then you have wait anyway.  I don’t have any pictures of the Bioluminescent because none of our cameras could get pictures that good in the dark but I will tell you I’m not a swimmer and neither is anyone else in my family, my husband on the other hand swims like a fish, but we all got in the water with the life vests (except him) and it was pretty cool.  At first it’s hard to see them but then after being there a while you see them.  When my sister got out of the water I could see them in her hair.  Kind of made me want to take a shower afterwards because they plankton.  Here are a few pictures when we were on the boat.  I should have brought my tripod.




It was a gorgeous sunset and we had a blast.  The only problem was that afterwards we had to drive half way around the island to get back to our condo.  I believe we drove around the entire island that day.

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