Puerto Rico – Bacardi Plant and San Juan

So we started the day out late because we wanted to go to the San Sebastian Festival at night.  We didn’t leave the condo till about 1pm or so.  Our first stop of the day was to head over to the Bacardi Plant.  Obviously, they make the Bacardi Rum there.  Fun fact for you though the Rum is made in Puerto Rico and it is bottled in Jacksonville Florida.  When we arrived at the plant we walked over to a big tent.  In this tent they give you two tickets each for free drinks (score).  You then choose the language of your tour and take a sightseeing trolley to the main building.  Upon entering the building they give you a brief introduction to Bacardi.  Here is the building on the outside.


We were allowed to take pictures in the first room they then showed us a film afterwards and we then went into another room we were not allowed to take pictures there either.


After getting the history of Bacardi and learning how they make rum we were able to smell different types of rum and then went into a bar room where we were able to take pictures.   He told us about some of the drinks and how they were created.


We then went outside to the big tent where we were able to get two drinks.  Here we are enjoying our drinks.

wpid-Puerto-Ric-Day-2-and-3-4.jpg wpid-Puerto-Ric-Day-2-and-3-6.jpg wpid-Puerto-Ric-Day-2-and-3-7.jpg wpid-Puerto-Ric-Day-2-and-3-9.jpg

We then went into the souvenir shop and purchased some stuff.  After the tour we headed to Old San Juan for the San Sebastian Festival.  Unfortunately everyone else was headed in that direction also.  I swear it took us about an hour to get from Condado to Old San Juan normally a 5 minute drive.  Also, unfortunately for me I had to use the bathroom.  When we got closer my sister and I jumped out of the car and went to Sr. Frogs.  Now of course the restrooms are for patrons only, so we headed to the bar and she went to order a drink as I went to the bathroom. Well when I came out of the bathroom the bartender had still not even acknowledged her.  The bar wasn’t even crowded.  So we decided to leave.  Mission accomplished.  We then found my mother and husband still driving around looking for parking.  We jumped back in the car and continued looking for parking.  After about 15 minutes we finally found one that was a good walk away from from the festival.  We walked back to Old San Juan and looked around the festival.  We went in various shops and had some snacks and purchased some stuff from the street vendors.  Here is a picture from the car as we were still looking for a parking.  This street was blocked off and there was no room to turn around so my husband had to back up down the block.  He’s a much better driver than I am because I cannot go backwards for that long in a straight ling.


After walking around we were hungry so we stopped in La Vaca Brava.  The food was very good, here is a piece of pork that both my mother and I ordered.  It was really good and we both ended up taking some home.


After dinner we made the long walk back to the car and then went back to the condo.  Tomorrow is a beach day.  Yay

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