Puerto Rico – El Yunque

So we started day two heading to El Yunque. El Yunque is the rain forest in Puerto Rico. We started up the drive heading to the scenic locations. The first stop was a scenic overlook. You can see the beach from here.


We then walked up to a small waterfall. There were plenty of people here taking pictures.


This is down on the other side.


My husband and my sister decided to climb up a bit closer to the waterfall. Here she is taking a picture of him. Then she went to join him.




We then got back in the car and made our way up the hill.   There we came across a look out tower.


We took a picture from the top.   It was a very bright day as you can see. 


We then made our way down to La Mina Falls.  Here is one of the leaves on the way.  


Here is one of the pictures I took of the falls.  I kept my camera in the bag most of the time as I didn’t want to drop it near the falls.


We then made our way back up to the top of El Yunque and had some food.  We then made our way back down and called it a day.  The walk out to La Mina falls felt longer than it was and it was narrow and very hilly.  All in all it was a great day.

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One thought on “Puerto Rico – El Yunque

  1. paolazaragoza

    Reblogged this on culinary road trips puerto rico and commented:
    one of the wonders of the worlds. its so beautiful it looks magical, one of those places you say “God is such an artist”

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