Zurich Switzerland (the last trip of 2012)

Well back in October I went on my last trip in 2012.  With the holiday’s approaching and flights getting more crowded, me being almost out of vacation days and my partners at work having days left that they had to take I figured it was fine that this was my last trip.  We landed in Zürich in the morning and a day that was supposed to be in the 60’s ended up not being at all.  We first went to the hotel where we changed and headed out.  My husband had been to Zürich several times but always on a Sunday when all of the shops were closed.  This day was a Monday so everything was open.  We headed out and hoped that the foggy day would clear so that I could see the Swiss Alps from Lake Zürich.


The town where the Hotel is located is Regensdorf which is a short train ride from Zürich.  The first thing we did was walk to the train station.


Not sure what kinds of berries these are but the color was great.  As was the coloring in the red tree in the back of the next picture.


Regensdorf is a quaint little town.  When we got to the train station we saw an SAP building.  This is the software we use at my job so we I had to take a picture of it.


This is the train we took to go into Zürich.  The trains are very different from the one’s in NY.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of the inside.


This is the first sight when leaving the train station.  It was pretty cold at this point.  I don’t think it ever made it out of the 50’s and still foggy.


All of the main train stations in Germany and Switzerland are called Hauptbahnhof (German for main station).  All of the ones I’ve seen had statues and such on top.  Here is a picture of the statues on top of the train station in Zürich.


I’m not sure what this building is but I liked it when walking past it on the way to Lake Zürich.


We made our way to Lake Zürich here is a picture of the River Limmat which is downstream of Lake Zürich and a swan on the river.



Here is a park that was uphill of the River.  We walked up there to get a view.  There were  a lot of pigeons in this park and they were drinking from some water statues.



Here is a view of the river from up above.


I loved this house, not sure if you can see the ladder that leads to the door way and it is pretty thin on the front half.



After making out way to Lake Zürich we were going to take a boat ride on the lake.  We missed the first boat and had to wait about an hour and a half for the second boat.  As you can see it still isn’t clear enough to see the Swiss Alps.




We walked partially around the lake to take in some of the fall colors.






As you can see the sky was clearing up on this side of the lake but not enough to see the Alps.  This is us on the boat.  The views were beautiful and it was pretty cold.  We were both freezing and tired at this point and sitting on a boat for an hour and a half was not the best idea but we made it through.


Here are some pictures from along the lake side.  It was a very scenic boat ride.




This is the Lindt Chocolate factory.  We should have gotten off the boat and gotten some but we didn’t.  Maybe next time.



After the boat ride we headed back to the train station so we could go back to Regensdorf.  Away from the Lake it was pretty clear but I walked away from Zürich not having seen the Swiss Alps.




After we got back to the hotel we decided to walk over to a restaurant for dinner.



It was a pretty long walk but very scenic.  As you can see the fog was starting to come back in (not that it ever really left).  This the restaurant were we ate.  We then had to walk back from the restaurant in the dark.  There was one section where we had to walk through the woods and we were using our cell phones for light.


All in all it was a good trip though the weather was a little colder than I would have liked.  Hopefully the next time we go back I will be able to see the Swiss Alps.

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