The Netherlands – Scheveningen (Day 3)

So on our last day in The Netherlands we went to Scheveningen.  It was a gorgeous day in Holland.  The sun was out and the beach was crowded (though there wasn’t anyone in the water).  The ships were probably headed to the port of Rotterdam.


We walked around the boardwalk and were going to meet his cousin and her boyfriend for coffee.   This picture is a small restaurant at the end of the boardwalk.  The restaurant is at the bottom the top part is just a climb to a lookout.  They also had bungee jumping off of this thing.  Now I’m not afraid of heights or anything but I wasn’t going to bungee jump off of this.  Besides it was 60 euro for one jump.  Do you know what I could get for 60 euro. So we headed in the direction of the pier.

Here are some of the things we saw along the way.  This boat was a decoration on the boardwalk and the picture below it is near the restaurant.  It too used to be a restaurant but it was shut down.

wpid-untitled-DSC_0207-121007.jpg wpid-untitled-DSC_0208-121007.jpg


This is a picture of The Kurhaus Hotel it is right on the boardwalk.  There are lots of stores and restaurant on the boardwalk.  There are even restaurants on the beach.  This was actually the last day for the restaurants on the beach they tear them down for the winter and then build them back up for the summer.


This is the Pier (if you want to buy it I believe it is for sale)  At the end of the pier is the restaurant.


We walked all the way to the top (which was a pretty big deal for my husband because he is afraid of heights).  I was so proud of him.  We took pictures at the top and then headed down to have coffee with his cousin and her boyfriend.



Here are some more pictures of the water and the beach.



This is the port of Rotterdam in the distance.  

And a lighthouse


This is my husband’s cousin and her boyfriend.


These are pictures in the Kurhaus Hotel



We then drove back to his aunt and uncle’s house and while dinner was cooking we went to see his other cousin Justin and then after dinner we went to his other cousin’s house and her husband.  When we got back we went to bed because it was going to be an early flight back to the states.

The picture I missed posting was when we landed in The Netherlands this is what it looked like.  My husband says this is how he remembers Holland.  When they would vacation in Spain for the summer when they came back this is what it always looked like.


The flight back was uneventful but very crowded.  The planes they take out to Amsterdam are way small then the ones they take to Germany.

Ok that takes care of that three day trip to the Netherlands.  I do love this country (and not just because my husband grew up there).  It is a very charming country.  The next trip is a trip to New York for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk.  I did the walk with my mom and sister at Roosevelt Island.  After living in NY for 25 years and my mom for 60 some odd years.  Neither of us had ever been to Roosevelt Island.  My sister on the other hand had been there for work.  I will post that blog shortly.

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