The Netherlands – Baarn and Hilversum (Mini Vacation) Day 2

Ok, so I know I’m behind but I also know I won’t be doing any travelling until after the beginning of the year.  My partner at work will be out the last two weeks of December and my boss is out the first week in December so no opportunities for me to go anywhere.  Also, I only have one vacation day left and I think I will roll that over to next year.  So I’m dragging out the last few trips to make them last the rest of the year.

On the second day in The Netherlands we woke up to a day was a little rainy.  The first thing I did was look out the window and took these two pictures outside of Judy’s window to the patio downstairs.

We then went downstairs to have breakfast and sit and talk with Judy and Hans.  As we were having breakfast at the table we heard a big bang on the window.  When we turned around there was a large bird imprint on the window and a bird was flying away and landed on the tree out front.  I told Judy her windows were too clean.  The bird did appear to be stunned but ok.  Here is a picture I took of the window.  Can you find the bird imprint on here.

If you look to the left o the light post behind the car and little above it you should be able to see the imprint.

After that excitement we decided to head out.  We were headed to Baarn which is a town my husband grew up in.  We were then headed to meet his friend Raymond and his wife Gwenda in Hilversum.   On the way to the Baarn we had to go by the airport.  There was a plane crossing the highway that had just landed.

Also, there is a spot over the highway where an aqueduct crosses the highway.  Here is a link to a picture that shows it from the air  Everytime we went buy it on the A4 there was never a boat there so there was no point in taking a picture.

We then got to Hilversum but we were not stopping there first.  We drove from Hilversum to Baarn.  My husband used to ride his bicycle everyday to school from Barrn to Hilversum.  I believe he said it was about a 7 mile ride each way.  Here is a picture of the road he used to ride his bike on.  The bike lanes are on the side of the car lanes completely separated by a small grass median.

Below is the main shopping street in Baarn.  We walked down from one of the houses he grew up in and walked the main shopping area.

We then walked over to the house his sister was born in.  He had not been in this house since he was a child.  It is currently a special needs house.  He wanted to go knock on the door but decided against it.  I said to him what is the worst that can happen.  All they can say is no.  So he knocked on the door and spoke to one of the women that worked there.  He explained that we were from the states and his parents used to have an old age home there and that his sister was born there.  They let us in and we were able to look around the main areas.  Obviously the bedrooms belonged to the people that lived there and we could not go in there but we were able to go into the office downstairs which was his parents bedroom and the room his sister was born in.  We were also able to see the hallway where he fell and hit his head when he was young.  We left and thanked them and I was happy to see the smile on my husbands face from having seen his childhood home.  wpid-untitled-DSC_0188-121006.jpg

We then made our way back to the car and headed over to Hilversum to see his High School friend Raymond.


We sat got to meet his youngest daughter and his girlfriend for the first time, my husband had met his oldest daughter before.  At first the conversation was pretty slow going but by the end of the night they were talking up a storm as if no time had past.

All in all it was a great day to see my husband so happy with many childhood memories and meetings with old friends.  We had a great day and invited Raymond and his family to come to Florida and stay with us if they wanted.  It would be great if they could visit us.

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