New York Part 2

So my mom and I got home and my husband got the car and had to wait for the kids. The plane landed at 8:01 and by the time they deplaned and reached my husband it was almost 8:30. The drive from Philly to NY should have been about 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Well you know sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Now if any of you are from New York or New Jersey you know that getting into the city on a Sunday evening can be quite difficult with the people coming in from the Jersey Shore. It took them almost 4 hours to get to my mom’s house. Needless to say my husband was not happy and then when he got to my mom’s house he had to find a parking. There was one in front of the building but he was parked near a hydrant and they will tow your car in my mom’s neighborhood. They came upstairs and had something to eat and then my husband and I went back out to move the car and of course the only parking we could find was blocks away and had to be moved at 8 in the morning. Of course since my husband brought my child and her boyfriend to me (they would not have made the flight from Philadelphia) I told him I would take care of moving the car in the morning so he could sleep late. In the morning I moved the car and went down several times to put money in the meter, because at my mom’s house you can only put in one hour at a time.  So around noon my husband had to drive back to Philadelphia for his trip to Munich.  We bid him adieu and I thanked him profusely for bringing my daughter to me on her 19th birthday.

After he left we headed downtown.  My daughter, her boyfriend, my mom and sister were going to go down to Peanut Butter & Company.  It was started raining just as we got to the train station.  We went downtown and had to change to the F train.

When we got out of the train station at West 4th Street the rain had stopped.  We walked to Sullivan Street and had lunch at Peanut Butter & Company.  (I had a salad and the sad thing is they didn’t have any salt and pepper in the PB&C).  Here is a picture of my sisters sandwich.  She had milk with her peanut butter sandwich.  Their website is (for some reason the web page isn’t working right now).  But their sandwiches are good.  I had one the last time we were here and they have some really great combinations.  The last time I had a sandwich with peanut butter, green apples and cream cheese.  It was really good.

We then walked to Washington Square Park and we were able to see Freedom Tower from there.

We then made our way to Crumbs to pick up a cupcake for my daughter for her birthday (  Then we walked to 14th Street and I must admit we stopped at Trader Joe’s and their Wine shop again.  While walking at Union Square we walked around the Farmer’s Market and we saw these guys playing chess on the largest chess set I have seen.

Here is the giant red velvet cupcake we got for my daughter for her birthday.  They claimed it would feed 5 or 6.  There were 5 of us and we didn’t even get half way through it.  It was very good though.

Here are the bottles of Two Buck Chuck wine we bought at Trader Joe’s.  We are not red wine drinkers but they have many different versions of the Two Buck Chuck wine and for $2.99 how can you go wrong and it is good wine in addition to being inexpensive.

The next day we went down to 42nd Street.  My daughter’s boyfriend had only been to NY once many years ago.  This is a picture in Grand Central Station.

We walked across town to Time Square.  Below are the two love birds in Times Square.

Then we stopped in the worlds largest Toys R Us.  Here is the Ferris Wheel in the main entrance.

We then walked up to 59th Street and Columbus Circle.  When we were on 42nd we got hot dogs from one of the street vendors.  (Not the one pictured below).  I must say I do love my dirt water dogs and try to have one each time I go to New York.  My preference is a sausage with mustard and onions.  Yum Yum.

We walked across town to 59th Street by the Plaza Hotel.  I loved the look of the Carriage driver and his carriage.  I don’t know if he knew I was taking a picture of him with my phone but he was perfectly posed.

The kids went inside of FAO Schwartz ( while we sat outside.  This is a picture of the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel.

We then headed back home and got NY Pizza for dinner from Venice Pizza in the Bronx.

The following morning we were meeting my dad down in Coney Island.  So we headed out for the hour plus train ride.

We met up with my dad and the kids decided to get on some rides.

The kids went on the Cyclone.  Not a roller coaster I would get on but they had fun.

Below is a picture of my dad and I.  As you can tell by the camera straps we all love to take pictures.  He is a famous photographer, my sister is a photographer for the city and I take pictures as a hobby.  He took a picture of  my sister and I with our cameras taking pictures.  I think he is proud.

After several more rides for the kids we went to Nathan’s and had a late lunch.  After that we headed back to the Bronx.  The kids wanted to stay out longer so we let them go to 42nd Street again where they went to the Wax Museum.  They then had dinner on 42nd Street and then headed back to my moms.  The following morning we got up early and headed out to the airport.  We caught an   early flight out of LGA without any issues and then caught a flight from DC home (again without any issues).  After my trip home from Denver the Stand by Gods treated me good going home.

It’s been a month and I haven’t gone anywhere for the month of September.  I am running out of vacation days and we have a few trips scheduled in October.  Actually, I will only be home one full weekend in October.  We are hoping to get to Amsterdam, and Zurich and I’m also going to try to go to NY for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.  We will be doing Roosevelt Island this year.  Last year my mom, sister and I did Staten Island.

Ok that’s it for our NY trip.  I will fill you in on our October trips as they happen.

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