My New York Trip from August

I know I’m a slacker in not having posted about New York trip back in August.  I figured I had better get something out since it is closing in on a month since I have been there.  So here we go.

I arrived in NY on Friday evening.  Having worked 5:45 to 1:35 I caught the 2:30 flight to DC and then the DC flight to LGA arriving in NY while it was still daytime.  My mom’s house is about and hour to an hour and 15 minutes from the airport.  I take public transportation because it is cheaper.  After arriving at my mom’s house we waited for my sister and then went out to eat.  The next day we went to my sister’s neighborhood and hung out there.  We stopped in a place called Liquidators where I saw what would have been a new keyboard for work except it didn’t have a number pad on the right hand side.

After Liquidators we decided to go to Trader Joe’s.  I have never been there but Ashley at  She has a fitness weightloss blog that I love.  Now back to Trader Joe’s.  After taking the bus there (we were in Queens) and enter Trader Joe’s where I fell in love.  They had a Basil plant that was huge (but I could not buy it because I didn’t think I could take it back on the plane).  We bought some beer, cookies and some dip.  Then we walked to the bus stop and headed back to my mom’s house.

The next day my sister had to work (she is a photographer for the City of NY).  My daughter and her boyfriend were flying in on a late flight and my mom and I decided to go downtown (I must be honest back to Trader Joe’s).  We went to the one on 14th Street.  It is located right next to NYU and the Trader Joe’s was completely packed.

Also, two doors down is Trader Joe’s Wine Shop.  They have Two Buck Chuck wine which is $2.99 for a bottle of wine.  My husband told me about it and we picked up two bottles of wine.

We then walked across town we were headed to the Manhattan Fruit Exchange.  I had heard about it on the food network.  It ended up being the Chelsea Market which we had been through already.  But we figured we would go through it again.  While we were walking across town my daughter called.  The flights were packed and it didn’t look good for her.  The ticket agents didn’t want to give them the boarding passes and were suggesting they go back home and try to travel again tomorrow.  She could not change their tickets to a different flight today but they could for tomorrow.  This made no sense to me.  We did finally convince the ticket agent to give them a boarding pass so they could attempt to get on the plane.  Obviously, they need to be on the correct side of security if someone misses a flight.  Also, at this time my husband got a trip to Munich for the following day and decided he was going to drive to NY to come and meet with us.  My daughter and her boyfriend were trying to fly to Philadelphia and the flights from there to LGA were full.  So I asked my husband if he would mind waiting for them if they made the flight then they could drive together and they wouldn’t have to worry about the flight.  Being the sweet heart he is he said he would wait.  So now the wait was on.  My mom and I went into the Chelsea Market and had some gelatto and we also bought some Manchego cheese, which was really good.  We then went across the street to the Starbucks to wait and find out if my daughter and her boyfriend would make the flight.  By this time the flight was delayed by an hour.  So we waited and waited and my husband called and I told him they would be boarding soon.  Then we waited as they started boarding but since the flight was full they were going to be one of the last people on the plane.  The procedure in my house is when you get a ticket or are on the plane you send out a text.  Then I got a text “We are on the plane!”  We all breathed a sigh of relief, I could not believe they made it on the flight.  My mom and I headed back across town to take the train back up to her house.  I called my husband and told him they were on the way.   We headed back to Trader Joe’s to pick up some bread for my husband.

Ok I’m going to post right now and continue the story tomorrow.

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