Denver Day 2

We woke up in the morning and headed out the door to pick up Natalia’s friend Gina to then go to yoga.  We arrived at Core Yoga and did an hour of Hot yoga.  It’s no Bikram but it was still pretty good.


After yoga we dropped Gina off and went back to the house to shower and head out to Woodhouse Spa for our facials.  Gina met us there.


I have never had a facial or been to a day spa before but man was I spoiled.  First they gave up complimentary Mimosa’s and then we got to put on a robe and slippers.  We settled in a room waiting for one of the Spa Technicians (at least I think that’ what they must be called) to come an get us.  My tech was Allison and she treated me very well.  I was completely relaxed.  Natalia had a gift card and paid for my facial.  I did upgrade to a Vitamin C facial for $25 more (which I paid for) and it was well worth it.  Allison made some recommendations for my face but since I was doing carry on I didn’t buy anything.  At least that is one of the reasons.  She recommended the Skinceuticals face wash, SPF and the Vitamin C serum.  Really it’s not that expensive except for the Vitamin C Serum which was $152.00.   They did give me a sample which I have been using and I’m not sure I see difference in my face but I think I do.

After our facials we went to Las Margaritas Uptown for Brunch where they have bottomless mimosa’s for $7.00.  I also had a breakfast burrito.


The waiter was very good and never let our glasses go empty.  We sat around talking lots of girl talk and I felt very Sex in the Cityish.  I grew up in NY and never felt that way.


After brunch Natalia and I went back to her house and we took Zuni (her dog) to the park to play with a ball.


The park wasn’t very crowded and Zuni was able to run around.  We then headed back to Natalia’s because we were going to babysit for Gina so her and her husband could go out to dinner.  We stopped at Tommy’s Thai House before heading to Gina’s and though we only had 40 minutes they had us in and out of there in time.  In addition to quick service the food was very good.

We baby sat Gina’s daughter and after they got back we talked to them for a while.  Joe gave me an idea for our next real vacation.  I think we will be spending a few days in Cinque Terre Italy.  We then went back to Natalia’s house and walked the dog then went to the airport so I could catch the Red-eye home.

Here is a link to all of the pictures I took while in Denver if you want to look at them.

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