My Trip to Denver

I got into Denver Thursday night around 11:30 the airport was fairly empty when we got off the plane.

My friend Natalia was there to pick me up we drove to her house and she showed me around.  Nothing exciting going on this day except we stayed up till about 2am just taking.  Which was pretty bad for me because I had woken up at 3:30am eastern so I was up for over 24 hours.

The next morning we made a plan as to what we were going to do.  There is a place called Mt Falcon Park and this is where we went with her dog.  We did a short hike around the park.




It was quite beautiful there.  We then went to the town of Golden Colorado (there is a Coors plant there).  We had burgers at Bob’s Atomic Burger.



We then walked to where the water was.  On the way we saw these in out in front of a store.


Here is the little river people were riding down in inner tubes



Natalia took her dog Zuni into the river where she played.

We then went back to Natalia’s house where I decided I would put together her Ikea dining room table.  I took this picture while on her balcony.  I though the sky looked pretty.


We then went out to dinner at Yard House on 16th Street.  Here is a picture of a building I took near where we parked the car.


After dinner we went back to her house because we were going to have a full day on Saturday.  Yoga in the morning, then a facial, brunch and baby sitting in the evening.  Then I was going to leave on the red-eye back home.

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