A Seat on a Plane

I don’t get a seat on a plane until the very last minute and I am happy with whatever seat I get.  Usually, I’m happy just to get a seat.  I know the practices of airlines have changed and that you can buy a seat and pay a premium for it.  If you purchase a seat I feel you should get the seat you purchased or if there is an airplane change, or something the airline had done and they cannot give you that seat you should be refunded the price you paid for that specific seat (not your entire ticket amount).  With that said, if you picked a seat but did not pay for it and the airline has to change you seat then oh well at least you have a seat.  On the flight back there was a couple that did not pay for a seat but picked one in the front of the plane in the bulkhead.  Now as some of you might be aware the bulkhead seat has more room and also a bassinet can be attached to the wall after 10,000 feet so that a parent can lay a baby down there.  Makes it easier for the child and parent to rest on the 8+ hour flight.  Well there was a woman with 2 kids one in a seat she paid for an a baby that I believe took the bulkhead seat this couple requested.  Well they the couple was bitching up a storm,  they wanted the seats though they did not pay extra for them and they could not understand why they could not have them.  Their new seats were the last row of the plane with room to recline but not as much leg room.  (Neither one of them was very tall).  But they were arguing with the gate agent and the flight attendants because of the seat.  They were told there was another flight tomorrow if they wanted to take that.  They actually asked how they would be compensated if they took the flight tomorrow.  There were not many seats available on the plane (10 open seats) but there were seats and they had seats (just not the ones they wanted).  Now why would the airline compensate you if it has a seats available and you choose not to take it.  They finally took the seats given to them right before the boarding doors were closed.  The airline personnel finally had to tell them to take the seats or leave the plane so it would not be delayed.  They were bitching for the first 10 to 15 minutes of the flight and then stopped.  All that time wasted for nothing.

Now lets not forget First Class.  People pay a huge amount of money for First Class seats and on the way out there a woman actually wanted to be transferred from Coach to First Class for nothing.  Just because there were seats available.  Really now so you should get all the comforts of First Class for a Coach seat price.  What about the other people in Coach don’t they deserve the same thing.  If there is room and you want to upgrade that is one thing but don’t get upset because a flight attendant will not move you to First Class just because you ask.

My thinking is yes it is easier to have a seat in the front so that you can get off the plane sooner, and yes the bulkhead has more leg room, but we are all going to the same place and we all touchdown at the same time.  Take your seat at least you have one and enjoy the long flight.

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