Headed to Munich next week

My husband picked up a trip headed to Munich next week and I have taken the time off of work to go with him. We have been wanting to go to Munich all summer long and I’m super excited to be headed there. I will be bringing my DSLR and I’m happy because I will have my 18-200 mm lens with me. I had to have it repaired last month and have been without it since November 2011. No it has not been in the repair shop that long, but it took me that long to get it to the repair shop. It actually came back the Tuesday after we left for Venice. The people at Southern Photo tried to get it rushed in but Nikon was unable to ship it on time. I was grateful for their attempt though.

I also purchased new luggage (not for this trip but just because). It is Sandra Brown luggage I will let you know how it goes. Here is a picture of it.


I was flipping through the channels and saw it on HSN and had to have it. I haven’t shopped on HSN in probably 7 or 8 years but my account was still active. It delivered as promised and though the reviews have mixed on HSN’s website I took the chance anyway. I have 30 days to return it so I will find on this trip if I want to or not. I’m not the type of person that pays a lot of money for luggage and the set was just at $100. I have never paid that much for luggage before. Normally I buy my luggage at Ross, Marshalls, or Walmart.

For the trip out to Munich the flight is pretty empty but coming back there are only about 12 seats on it right now and there is still a week to go before we leave. I’ve seen flights sell out 11 seats in a day so I will let you know when I make it back. If I make it back on the right flight. There is only one flight out each day so if I don’t get on then I will have to stay the night in the airport and try again the next day. Wish me luck.

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