Venice Italy June 2012

So I know I have not been posting about my travels and I have been to Washington DC, NY and Frankfurt again after my last posts.  Our most recent trip was to Venice earlier this week.  My husband works 7 days a week and every few months I have to tell him let’s take a mini vacation.  Well our one year anniversary was in early June and I figured let’s do an anniversary trip so we picked Venice, Italy.  I had been watching the flight for about 3 weeks.  This is typically the busy season so when I saw there were 40 seats open on both the flight out and the flight in it seemed like a good idea.  Well the night before we were going to leave I went on Priceline and bid on a hotel.  I like to do it this way to get a good price on the hotel.  The bid was $120 a night for the Boscolo Bellini in Venice.  This hotel is very close to the train station and the bus stop.  If you have ever been to Venice you know there are no buses or anything on the island so If you have a lot of luggage or a big piece of luggage you will more than likely have to get it to the hotel on your own.

I will attach pictures of Venice in this post.  I read a lot about Venice and one of the things I read on was to get lost in Venice which we did.  This city is very romantic and you just want to stroll down the streets holding hands with your loved one. We did get lost in Venice and ended up going in circles a few times but we were laughing and talking and having a great time.  One of the other flight attendants told us they have wine bars where you can get a liter of wine for about 3 euro.  We happened to find one (I’m not sure we would ever be able to find it again) and purchased a liter of wine for 2.10 euro.  They put the wine in a water bottle which was pretty cool and the wine was very good also.  I would definitely recommend this city to anyone and I actually just told my daughter that she should go with her boyfriend next year because it is amazing.  Here is the link to the pictures of Venice

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