Frankfurt, Germany

My husband is now a German Lodo, which is a language of destination person.  His only three locations through the summer will beFrankfurt,  Zurich and Munich.  He received his first trip on Saturday to Frankfurt.  We woke up Saturday morning and there were two seats on the pLane but by the time we were ready to go there were no seats on the plane.  I decided I would tale the chance because sometimes people miss their connections or cancel at the last minute.  We drove to our airport and by the time we got on our plane and landed in Philly there were two seats available again.  My husband’s airline has two flights to Frankfurt each day and he was working the later flight and I was on the earlier flight.  This meant I would get to Frankfurt four hours before him and have to wait.  Also, I would have to hope that his flight didn’t have any mechanical issues and get cancelled.   Arrived in Frankfurt 30 Minutes ahead of schedule and waited.  He texted me when his flight was leaving so I would know that he was at least on the way.  He arrived safe and sound and of course in Frankfurt everything, all shops are closed on Sunday.  We didn’t care though because we wanted to go to the Porsche Museum which was open.  We rented a car and drove the198 km out there.  Made a few mis turns and got stuck in traffice but well worth it considering he was able to drive over 200km/hr on the autobahn which is about 124mph which I believe is the fastest our Opal Astra would go.  I am now in the airport in Frankfurt waiting to go home and I have a seat because the plane is only about half full.  Blog at you later

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