Another hectic trip

So my husband got Madrid which we found out at around 11:30am.  I was at work, now I am in the Charlotte airport getting ready to board a flight to Philadelphia.  The flight from Florida had no seats and 11 non revs on it.  Though I was non-rev # seven I made it on. There were employees non reving and they took the jumpseats and there was a woman with two children in front of me non reving but she wasn’t going to leave her children so I managed to get on the plane.  Now I have to jump off of this flight and go and get my ticket for Madrid and I will have an hour to do that.  Now for the fun part.  I had nothing packed and I mean nothing. I do have all my electronic equipment except my dslr all I have to take pictures with is my point and shoot and this is Madrid! I have no socks, no underwear, no toothbrush, no make-up. What I do have is a bag that was in my trunk, a pair of sneakers and my coat and scarf (just on case it is cold). I am wearing my safety shoes (sans socks) which is fun but I hate these things. In the Charlotte airport I purchased a dress and some flats for $45. Well we are about to take off. Yes I know I still owe you pictures from Rome and now Madrid (I hope).

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