Made it Home

We made it home last night.  Thankfully.  We raced off of the Charlotte flight and got to our flight just as they were boarding zone 4.  Got on our plane and I slept most of the way.  When we landed (on time) we had an hour drive home.  It was a great weekend and even the other flight attendants thought we were crazy for going for just one day, but we had fun.  I’ll post some pictures on here tonight and give more details about the location.  I must say we got lucky the weather in Rome was absolutely beautiful in the 70’s and sunny on Saturday.  When we left on Sunday it was overcast and a little cold so we felt lucky.

I must say even though we were detoured the Airline handled the rescheduling very well.  I had expected when we got off the plane that there would be customer service agents there trying to rebook people.  Well that was not the case.  Everyone on the flight that had missed their connecting flights had boarding passes waiting for them when they got off of the flight.  Of course some people were not leaving until the next day (this was our case also) but they had tickets.  The only reason they did not book us the way we went was because really there was no time between the flights like I said one plane was scheduled to land at 10:25 and the other plane was scheduled to leave at that time.  We got lucky that there were no delays and even though it was raining in Philly when we left we actually left early.  I know you might think I am praising them because they are my husbands airline but I think they handled the delay very well.  I’m also glad they had the bag taken off of the plane.  You never know now a days and I feel it is better to be safe then sorry.

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