Sitting at Home

It’s been a boring flying week.  I’m sitting at home with really no hopes of going anywhere. Not that I should be complaining but I am so we’ll leave it at that.  I was hoping he would fly somewhere this weekend.  Next weekend is the Gate River Run and not that I can run 9.3 miles but I walked it last year and would like to walk/run it this year and if he doesn’t fly this weekend he might fly next weekend and we all know that if he gets a good trip I’d rather fly than run any day of the week.  He did fly earlier in the week but not any where worth going to.  If he gets in late and leaves early from the location than we don’t spend any time in the city that he is going to.  I would have loved to have gone to Detroit but there wasn’t any time to do anything.  My feeling is that there is something to look at in every city.  I love taking pictures and can take pictures anywhere.  I’m going to head out to downtown today to take some pictures but that is probably the extent of my day.  Hey maybe he will get lucky and  get a surprise flight somewhere good.  He’s on for 3 more days so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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