Made it home around 3pm.  My flight landed 10 minutes early.  No, I did not get first class, actually, I was in the next to last row.   I was just happy to be on the plane.  This flight was supposed to be 10 minutes late because they had to change a tire.  Which we got to witness.  I wish I had whipped out my camera and taken a picture of it.  Other than that the flight was not eventful.  On the flight down from Laguardia to DC a little girl threw up on the seat in front of me after we landed. I spoke to my husband and he said that is typically when it happens.  He did have drama on his flight a woman passed out and threw up they had to keep her in the back.  Thankfully there were two doctors on board the plane.  Once when we were coming back from Frankfurt and elderly gentleman got sick also and when they asked for any doctors or medical personnel there were like 7 people that were in the medical field.  I was surprised.  Also the Captain’s son was on the plane and he was an EMT.  I’m glad to be home and had a good time with  my mom and sister and had fun at my cousin’s reception.  When I spoke to my mom, she said see you next month.

I have been to NY once a month since October.  In October I went there for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk.  In November I went for my sister birthday.  In December and January I went there for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (so that counts right?) and now I was there in February.  So we shall see what excuse I come up with to go in March.

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