Recounting the last day in Paris

Finally recovered after a full day of travel.  We made it home around 10pm last night minus my husband he had to stay in base as he has to work for the next three days.

The last day in Paris we went up to the Montmartre area of Paris.  This is the seedy part of town.  Where the artists and performers lived.  Needless to say my daughter wants to live here.  She fell in love with the winding streets up near the Sacre Coeur.  Here are a few pictures of the church

This is the view from the church and a picture inside the church
There were many people that made the trek up to this church to get the view.  We would liked to have stayed till sunset but this day was pretty cold and it was only about 2pm.
We then walked to another church St Pierre de Montmartre.  There was no one else in this church other than the 4 of us.  There were also 4 pillers that are rumored to have been from the 7th century.  The rest of the church was rebuilt in 1147.  Wow it’s hard to imagine we were standing in something so old.  Here is a picture of the church and one of the 4 pillars
We then walked outside of the church to the town square where all the artists were out painting and selling their pictures.
We then tried to walk to Picasso’s studio but couldn’t find it and the cold was getting the best of us.  We walked down off the hill and I took a picture of one of two windmills still in Montmartre
After getting off the hill we went to Moulin Rouge I took a picture during the day time (I already had one from the evening from the last time we were here.)
We then stopped for McDonald’s and made our way back to the hotel.  I did find a great travel bag for all my trips.  We got back to the apartment and started the packing process.
Anyway that’s it for now.  I’ll blog a little about our travel day tomorrow.
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