Paris Day 3 Colder and colder

I swear it gets colder and colder here as each day goes by.  I grew up in NYC but have lived in Florida for the past 17 years.  I want my 70 degree weather back.  We should have gone to Hawaii instead.

We walked to the Louvre while we were walking there was a section by an office building where some water had frozen and the Police were guarding down below while people at the top of the building broke off the icicles.  The Louvre was pretty empty.  No line outside so we didn’t have to stand in the cold.

When we got inside we beelined to the Mona Lisa yes it’s a bit crooked but there were many people in the way.  Yes it was impressive but all in all neither myself or my child or my husband are museum people.  We went here for my mom.  She saw the Greek Statues and the Arabic stuff.  

I have come to the conclusion that you need at least a week to do this museum if not longer.  It is quite overwhelming.  I did see this door that I found quite interesting

When we went to the Eiffel Tower I purchased some gummy Eiffel Tower’s (I love gummies and sour stuff (these were not sour)).  Here is a picture of the gummy Eiffel Tower.

We then walked up to the Hard Rock Cafe my daughter wanted to get a shot glass for her dad and my mother wanted to get my godmother a pin.  We then ate at the Hard Rock.  They mixed up my daughters burger with my husbands and here is a picture of his/her burger.  She gave him half of her burger once they figured out the confusion but he had already eaten most of the one they gave him.  He gave her some of it.

We never made it to the Sacre Coure yesterday.  This weather is starting to get to us.  We are cold all the time.  Even when we went into the Hard Rock it was warm at first but them it got cold quickly.  Next time spring in Paris not winter.

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