First Day in Paris (February 6, 2012)

Man it sure is cold here.  We were all bundled up.  Of course we weren’t prepared when we got here.  We were able to get from the airport to the Apartment.  First the train ride.  Boy the French can be rude.  I can tell you they definitely want their seats on the metro.  We had luggage and could not put it above.   But they wanted to squeeze into whatever spot they could.  One woman was quite insistent with my husband but he has a large bag and could not move it.  She kept saying “si vous plait”  Finally someone else got up and gave her a seat.

The apartment wasn’t ready when we arrived.  The people before us had till 9:3o to get out and then it had to be cleaned.    We were able to drop our luggage but we could not use the bathroom or get freshened up or add more clothes so we had jackets but were not  properly dressed.  We went to the mall and hung out there for two hours until the apartment was ready.  After that we went back to the apartment and got changed.

Ok we are headed out again I will blog more later.  I have pictures I will post

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