Almost Ready to Go

So the tickets are purchased, Apartment is rented and we are almost packed.  Vacation is underway and I am excited to see what my two novice travellers will think about Europe.  I remember my first time out of the country to Europe there were many things that I found that were different from the US.  My now husband and I went to The Netherlands and Spain.  The first thing that struck me as odd was how small everything is.  The cars are small the apartments are small it was like mini world.  The next thing I noticed me was the architecture.  I have always loved to look at buildings and it amazed me that some of the buildings there are so much older than the ones here.  I live in the oldest city in the country and Europe still had us beat by hundreds if not thousands of years.  Also, all the bicycles in Holland shocked me as well as the fact that the cashiers in the supermarket we able to sit down while they rang you up and here they have to stand.  I was also surprised by the fact that we went into a store and it was closing time and the employee came up to me and told me we are closing.  Now I worked at Dillards for a few months and we had to take care of the customer until they were done.  We were not allowed to count our registers until the last customer had left the store and here was this person basically telling me they were closed and I had to leave.

Then we went to Spain Fuengirola Spain not Madrid or someplace everyone has heard of.  My husband spent summers here as child.  The beaches were packed and the people were out walking the boardwalk at all hours of the night.  Young and old people were out until midnight just walking down the street basically.  Now on the service at the restaurants were good but the waitstaff was would just ignore us.  They would serve our meal and then after that it seemed as if we were on our own.  We had to wait 10 to 15 minutes for the bill as the waitress walked by us several times turning the other way.

I enjoyed that trip out of the country and had have enjoyed every single one after that.  As I know I will enjoy this one and hopefully my novice travallers will enjoy it also.  I’m pretty sure they will.

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