Paris part deux

Well the Paris trip is set in motion.  I am excited to see how my daughter reacts to seeing a different country.  The only place outside of the United States that she has been is the Bahamas.

My first trip to Paris started out quite stressful.  I was in New York for my sister’s birthday and decided to leave early to catch my flight so that I would have plenty of time to make the flight to Paris.  Laguardia is typically hard to get out of flying SA.  Of course when I get there it is bad news from the start.  My flight was fine but most flights were delayed or cancelled due to fog.  Well I would be fine it’s 7am and the Paris flight doesn’t leave till 6pm.  Well no. One by one the flights started to cancel.  My options were wait and hope it clears up or have my husband drive from about two hours out to come get me.  The longer I wait the longer it will take for us to drive to the airport.  So my thinking is that with unlimited miles on the car rental it would be cheaper for him to come and get me then for me to get a car and head down there.  My mom met me near the airport and we headed out to NJ so that he wouldn’t have to drive over the George Washington Bridge (you have to pay to get out of Jersey not in).  We make it to Jersey by bus and he arrives.  As we are driving we start talking and miss the turnpike by the time we realize we are too far along to turn around and go back by now it’s three o’clock.  So we are driving on a two lane road (one in each direction) behind a truck going 45mph. When we get to the car rental place we go outside and find a guy who had been waiting 20 minutes for the shuttle.  We end up waiting another 10 minutes.  Thankfully my husband is a flight attendant and we breeze through security with about 20 minutes to spare.  By the time we get to the gate we have just enough time to use the bathroom and board the plane.   Paris was wonderful by the way I fell in love with the city.  We walked a total of 26 miles in the two days we were there.

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