Vacation Time

So being a Flight Attendant’s wife has changed the way we vacation and plan for vacation.  I am the type of person that decides where we will go on vacation a few months in advance.  Then I spend lots of time searching for a hotel and flights and all kinds of things.  I have even been known to buy a book to see what we should do when we get there.

Well, ever since my husband became a Flight Attendant we can no longer go on vacation that way.  First off I’m hoping my mother can come on vacation with us this year, but she does not have her passport yet and we are waiting to see if she will get it.  By the way we are going on vacation the end of next week.  Depending on if she gets it or not will decide where we go.  If she doesn’t get her passport we will stay in the country and if she does we will go on an international trip.

So instead of booking a hotel in advance I now scour priceline and the last-minute hotel websites to see if I can book a hotel the night before we leave.  When we went to Paris I booked the hotel the night before.  Instead of booking a flight months ahead to get the cheaper price I will now book the flight the night before and hope that here are no weather issues or cancelled flights for the same destination that were leaving earlier in the morning.

I must say that it is hard for me not to search online as to where I want to go and price out the hotels even though I won’t be booking until Saturday night more than likely.

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One thought on “Vacation Time

  1. redeyefamily

    As a former flight attendant, I know what you’re going through. Here’s what I do…I study Trip Advisor and write down a list of 5 hotels that would be okay. I don’t book the hotel at all and we just show up. If our first choice is full, the hotel staff can call the other hotels on your list. This way you aren’t worried about not getting on the flight and having to pay for your hotel….which is a real bummer! Have fun on your trip!

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